Thanks to the Fall 2023 KSOPs for an awesome job during Orientation! We'll be recruiting the Spring team soon. If you're interested in joining, email us at

KSOP introducing Duke campus to new students

Kunshan Student Orientation Peers (KSOPs) are dedicated to supporting DKU at Duke students during their orientation and acclimation to Duke’s campus. They play a critical role in welcoming DKU students and facilitating their success at Duke. 

KSOPs work with peers including KSAC, campus partners, and the Duke Office of DKU Relations staff to design and help lead virtual and in-person orientation for DKU students, to share information and answer questions, and to provide ongoing support as DKU students transition into their life at Duke.

Who are the KSOPs?

KSOPs are current undergraduate Duke and DKU students who are:

  • Enthusiastic about acting as ambassadors of Duke and welcoming DKU students into our community  
  • Eager to share information about Duke and Durham with students new to campus
  • Friendly and committed to diversity, inclusivity, and supporting the needs of visiting/international students at Duke
  • Creative problem solvers, reliable team players, compassionate advocates
  • Able to commit to the program for either fall- or spring-semester orientation, with responsibilities starting in the semester prior and running through summer or winter break.
What do KSOPs do?

Prior to student arrival at Duke, KSOPs participate in training sessions, plan and develop resources, share information with incoming DKU students, and participate in pre-arrival orientation. During move-in and on-campus orientation, KSOPs continue to share information, actively support students traveling to Duke and moving into their residences, coordinate with campus partners, and participate in campus orientation. During the first two weeks of class, KSOPs check in regularly with their cohort, organize social gatherings, and help ensure all incoming students begin to feel at home at Duke and in Durham.

KSOPs meet regularly as a group during the months prior to Orientation, with responsibilities extending through the first two weeks of class. They may continue as Kunshan Student Ambassador Council (KSAC) members during the semester, or may pass their orientation cohort on to other KSAC members for ongoing support throughout the semester.

Why become a KSOP?

KSOPs become an integral part of Kunshan Student Ambassador Council (KSAC) networks, gaining unique opportunities to collaborate with Duke and DKU staff, student leaders, and student organizations, and providing meaningful support to their peers. KSOPs receive in-depth training about Duke and DKU and build valuable leadership experience, practical professional skills and intercultural competence. KSOPs plan and lead fun social activities and build long-term friendships with fellow Duke and DKU students. Finally, KSOPs move in early when possible to assist with orientation events and student arrival to campus.