Kunshan Student Ambassador Council

KSAC at Duke


A driving force in inter-institutional collaboration, the Kunshan Student Ambassador Council (KSAC) is a Duke network of students fostering communication, exchange of ideas, and the integration of students across Duke and DKU.

KSAC members at Duke actively promote cross-cultural dialogue between campuses, conduct outreach to the Duke student body, organize and participate in related events and conferences in the U.S. and China and share their experiences and insights with various stakeholders.

At Duke, KSAC is advised by the Duke Office of Duke Kunshan University Relations. Membership is open to Duke undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from all programs. DKU students are also encouraged to join KSAC during their semester(s) of study at Duke.

KSAC values unique and diverse student experiences and perspectives and encourages all interested students to apply. For questions or an application, please contact KSAC student leaders, or Irina Adams at the Duke Office of Duke Kunshan University Relations.

KSAC 2019-2020 Members


As a senior at Duke University, Linda Zhang majors in public policy but keeps her strong interest in higher education. Originally from Tianjin, China, Linda spent her freshman year summer at Duke Kunshan researching Chinese students' perceptions of liberal arts education. She later studied "abroad" at DKU in the spring semester of her sophomore year and continued to participate in the design and implementation of DKU's new undergraduate curriculum. Linda spent her sophomore year summer researching Germany's apprenticeship education system and dual system training with Siemens in Charlotte, North Carolina. On campus, Linda is actively involved in student life, serving as a resident assistant in Crowell and a Duke tour guide. She is also a member in the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity and performs in the Afro-Cuban Ensemble.



Vincent Liu is a junior at Duke majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Economics. Originally from Chengdu China, he came to the U.S. for high school and has actively engaged in cultural communication ever since. In his freshman year, he founded Duke CommuniTEA to promote tea culture and facilitate the sense of community at Duke. As a first-gen who has experienced multiple education systems, he has a deep interest in education and seeks the intersection between education and technology. In 2018 spring, he first learned about DKU from a Spring Breakthrough course with Noah Pickus. For Spring Break 2019, he spent a week at DKU documenting the students’ experience there. Email him at jie.liu1@duke.edu.


amy jiang sm.jpg

As a  senior at Duke University, Amy Jiang is deeply involved in utilizing technology in the service of society. For her, this has manifested in a major in public policy to better understand how technology can be developed and created for local contexts. In her free time during summer and the school year, she has worked alongside local government agencies, military groups, and public school programs to harness technology to meet their needs. With her leftover free time, she loves the Duke gym's free workout classes and sleeping at 10:30pm. 




Esther Wang is a senior at Duke majoring in Neuroscience and Computer Science with a minor in Finance. Born and raised in Beijing, she came to the U.S. at the age of fourteen for high school and this experience sparked her interest in cross-cultural communication between U.S. and China. Passionate about business and healthcare technology, she was amazed by relevant research projects and unique culture at DKU when she visited the campus during freshmen year. Having served on the board of Chinese Student Association and Duke China-U.S. Summit (DCUS) organizing committee for the past three years, she would really love to share her enthusiasm and contribute to the bridge connecting the two institutions with other members of KSAC. On campus, she is also involved in Investment Club, Bass Connections Virtual Avatar team and LangDorm. She can be reached at Weiwei.wang@duke.edu.


mike liu.png

Mike Liu is a sophomore at Duke majoring in Economics. As a native Suzhounese, he is well familiar with that area of China. His home is just 20 minutes away from the DKU campus, and that is why he feels connected with DKU and KSAC. Interested in promoting Suzhou culture, he founded Soociao research group to examine Suzhou bridges’ symbolic significance and help others learn about Suzhou’s rich culture with aim of preservation. He is passionate about building connections between Chinese and western cultures and hopes to become a bridge by acting as an interpreter in between. He is also interested in technology and entrepreneurship, and works as a tech consultant at Innovation Co-Lab. He is more than willing to share his understanding about DKU, Suzhou area, and Chinese culture and can be reached at Xinchen.liu@duke.edu.



Rebekah Alvarenga is a sophomore Duke student from New Orleans, Louisiana. She has strong interests in documentary studies, cultural anthropology, visual arts, and education. On campus, Rebekah is involved in the David. M Rubenstein Program, QuestBridge, Penny Pilgram Leadership Initiative, and Mi Gente. As a first-generation student of Latino immigrants, Rebekah has become passionate about studying cross cultural and educational experiences. During Spring Break 2019, Rebekah spent a week at DKU documenting the first-year experience and hopes to continue exploring culture and education through KSAC.



Sophia Li is a sophomore at Duke majoring in Economics and Computer Science. Having lived and attended school in both Shanghai, China, and New Jersey, she is passionate about the intersection of Chinese and western styles of education in a global context. In Spring 2019, she spent a week at DKU documenting the experiences of the inaugural class. She believes that the global educational experiences at DKU are an asset to the Duke community at large, and hopes to continue promoting cross-cultural communication between the two. At Duke, Sophia also serves as Social Chair for Duke Chinese Dance, and is a member of Scale & Coin and BOW business societies. 

Judy Zhong Headshot.jpg

Judy Zhong is a freshman at Duke from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although currently undecided in her major, she has strong interests in entrepreneurship/social impact and medicine/health. On campus, Judy is part of the Huang Fellows Program, Asian InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Duke University Union, Duke Business Society, and works on launching an environmental tech startup in her free time. Having been raised by Chinese immigrants and spent a good deal of her childhood in China, Judy has an appreciation for both western and eastern cultures and hopes to help others come to do so as well. Email her at judy.zhong@duke.edu