Duke Students: Study at DKU



Between fall 2014 and spring 2018, Duke students studied at DKU along with college students from China and across the world in a program known as Global Learning Semester (GLS). To allow for the launch of the DKU four-year undergraduate program, GLS was suspended in fall 2018.

The option for Duke students to study at DKU is again available starting in fall 2020 through a pilot Duke-In DKU program offered through the Duke Global Education Office.

For the Fall 2020 semester, the program is open to Duke students from the class of 2024 who are located in China or are international students able to secure a visa for study in China during the semester. Click here to see a message to Duke class of ’24 international students regarding the option to study at DKU in Fall 2020. In addition, a number of spots is available for Duke students in the classes of 2021-2023 who may be unable to return to the Duke campus this fall or may prefer to spend the semester at DKU.

Details about the Duke-In DKU program and an application required for all interested students are available on the Duke Global Education Office website at https://globaled.duke.edu/programs/duke-kunshan. Questions can be directed to Carolyn Covalt, GEO Program Coordinator and Advisor.