DKU presents unique opportunities to Duke faculty for research and teaching in a global setting. DKU builds upon Duke’s strong academic tradition, bringing a new model of liberal arts education to China and providing a platform for pedagogical innovation and experimentation. It also provides a unique environment for research collaborations with colleagues from China and around the world. Duke faculty members are encouraged to engage at DKU to expand their teaching and scholarship in a global setting, to shape the development of DKU, and to promote collaboration between Duke and DKU.

While DKU is building a community of teacher-scholars for its graduate programs and the residential liberal arts undergraduate program, Duke faculty continue to play a vital role as colleagues in teaching and research in this dynamic international environment.

Teaching at DKU is an opportunity to create innovative, meaningful pedagogical experiences while making important contributions to the development of the distinctive curriculum and culture of the university. Ample opportunities exist for Duke faculty to travel to DKU for teaching of specific courses over 7-week terms.

Research centers and institutes at DKU cover a range of scholarly activity from science and engineering to the humanities. Duke faculty are encouraged to pursue joint projects with these centers or to develop their own scholarly collaborations with colleagues in the DKU community.

DKU promotes an intellectual environment built on a commitment to free and open inquiry. At DKU, Duke faculty, in collaboration with DKU’s growing residential faculty, cultivate wisdom, advance the frontiers of knowledge, and contribute to the international community of scholarship.

Funding opportunities for research, course development, workshops, conferences, and other programming is available to Duke faculty through the Provost’s office.