The 4-year undergraduate program at DKU provides a pioneering and innovative Duke education in the liberal arts and sciences. Enhanced by a lived experience that is deeply immersed in Chinese society and culture, the program is designed to inform and prepare students to engage critically with the world. It is founded on seven key principles, namely: rooted globalism, collaborative problem solving, research and practice, lucid communication,  independence and creativity, wise leadership and a purposeful life.

Dynamic in nature, the program enables students to take a broad range of courses and narrow down to a major as they progress in their studies, thus selecting a degree that matches their individual interests. Classes are discussion-based, experiential and academically rigorous, with a focus on critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. With support from faculty and advisors, students build signature pathways that combine curricular and co-curricular elements, such as research and experiential education. Students also have the opportunity to study abroad at Duke or at other universities during their junior year. After completing the program, students earn a dual degree from Duke University and DKU.


Undergraduate Studies at DKU

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